live from the basement 2012

by Blacksmithtomahawk

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recorded live in the denassaince, washington dc, september 2012.


released December 21, 2012

fuck you



all rights reserved


Blacksmithtomahawk Washington, D.C.

shafty mcnuggets - bass/vox
esteban cortiz - guitars/vox
goo - drums/wod

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Track Name: the thing
inciting a riot inside of my head
im bleeding profusely to waken the dead
im yelling and screaming, did you hear what i said?
compelled to complete the primal beast, that sleeps,
the thing
Track Name: whiskey
whiskey, your my best friend
youll never leave me in the end
driving down the road, to the liquor store
ive found what i need in you so many times before

im back for another round
before the sun goes down
im gonna get so fucked up

whiskey, youre still on my mind
ive left you behind, but you still follow me every night and everywhere
you make me feel sick, i dont wanna think about it
but you always come back just when i need you the least

im back for another round
before the sun goes down
were already so fucked up
Track Name: dead
lying on the floor
with a bottle in my hand
one last plea for anyone to help me understand
the life and times of jealousy
and why our petty shit
gets in the way, why it always gets in the way

baby, whyd you do it?
was it out of spite?
did i take your innocence just like you took my life?
on the day i died, i saw everything i love
down the barrel
of your gun

thats when it all went black
before i woke up with a pounding in my head
i could just forget you, but if rather be dead
Track Name: i love to fuck
i love to fuck